The company Wild Technologies is an independent enterprise of the Wild corporation. Production for Wild group in the Slovak Republic began back in 1994. In 2006 the company Wild Technologies was founded; it took over all the activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

The company Wild Technologies produces the subassemblies, as well as complete equipments for Wild group. Centre of its activities is intensive assembly performed as labour contracted out. A network of local subcontractors has been built, covering wide production spectrum in the field of mechanical production, metal plates processing, surface finish treatment, etc.



Due to move to larger premises in 2009 we have now the possibility to offer the performance spectrum of the company Wild Technologies also to other customers, beyond the scope of Wild group. At the same time our customers can utilize all the performance potential of the Wild group to fulfil the highest demands in the field of precision mechanics, optics and electronics but also in the field of plastic materials technology.

The company Wild Technologies is a label of quality, flexibility and punctuality.

Companies of the Wild group

> Wild GmbH
> Photonic Optische Geräte GmbH & Co KG
> Wild Elektronik u. Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG
> Wild Technologies s.r.o.